Erscheinungstermine Games 2019

Januar 2019

Pic-a-Pix PiecesSwitch03.01.2019Nintendo eShop
UnicornicopiaSwitch03.01.2019Nintendo eShop
Johnny Turbo’s Arcade: Express RaiderSwitch03.01.2019Nintendo eShop
Johnny Turbo's Arcade: Fighter's HistorySwitch03.01.2019Nintendo eShop
TokiSwitch04.01.2019Nintendo eShop
99SecondsSwitch04.01.2019Nintendo eShop
Bury me, my LoveSwitch10.01.2019Nintendo eShop
Inside My RadioSwitch10.01.2019Nintendo eShop
Ethan: Meteor HunterSwitch10.01.2019Nintendo eShop
A Ch'ti BundleSwitch10.01.2019Nintendo eShop
Double CrossSwitch10.01.2019Nintendo eShop
New Super Mario Bros. U DeluxeSwitch11.01.2019Nintendo eShop
Tales of Vesperia™: Definitive EditionSwitch, PS411.01.2019Nintendo eShop, PlayStation Store
Forever ForestSwitch14.01.2019Nintendo eShop
Onimusha: WarlordsSwitch, PC, PS4, XBO15.01.2019Nintendo eShop
The Grand Tour GamePS415.01.2019PlayStation Store
Sim World®: Northern Trans-PenninePS415.01.2019PlayStation Store
Octahedron: Transfixed EditionSwitch17.01.2019Nintendo eShop
YIIK: A Postmodern RPGSwitch17.01.2019Nintendo eShop
Travis Strikes Again: No More HeroesSwitch18.01.2019Nintendo eShop
Ace Combat 7: Skies UnknownPS4, XBO18.01.2019PlayStation Store, Amazon
SENRAN KAGURA Burst Re:Newal Shinobi Rivals

Life is Strange 2 Episode 2: RulesPS4, XBO, PC24.01.2019Steam, PlayStation Store,Xbox Store
SMITESwitch24.01.2019Nintendo eShop
Doodle God: EvolutionSwitch24.01.2019Nintendo eShop
Mario & Luigi: Abenteuer Bowser + Bowser Jr.s ReiseNintendo 3DS25.01.2019Nintendo eShop
Resident Evil 2PC, PS4, XBO25.01.2019PlayStation Store, Amazon
Kingdom Hearts IIIPS4, XBO29.01.2019Amazon
Genesis Alpha OnePS429.01.2019PlayStation Store

Februar 2019

Ace Combat 7: Skies Unknown PC01.02.2019Steam
Anno 1800 PC26.02.2019Ubisoft, Amazon
AnthemPC, PS4, XBO22.02.2019Amazon
Ape OutSwitch28.02.2019Nintendo
Avenger BirdSwitch05.02.2019Nintendo
Away: Journey to the UnexpectedSwitch07.02.2019Nintendo
BLAZBLUE CENTRALFICTION Special EditionSwitch08.02.2019Nintendo
City of BrassSwitch08.02.2019Nintendo
Crackdown 3 PC, XBO22.02.2019Amazon
Death end re;Quest PS419.02.2019Amazon
Death MarkSwitch31.02.2019Nintendo
Defense Grid 2Switch07.02.2019Nintendo
Dirt Rally 2.0PC, PS4, XB126.02.2019Amazon
Doom & DestinySwitch08.02.2019Nintendo
DreamWorks Dragons Dawn of New RidersSwitch01.02.2019Nintendo
Evoland Legendary EditionSwitch07.02.2019Nintendo
Far Cry New Dawn PC, PS4, XBO15.02.2019Amazon
Food Truck TycoonSwitch08.02.2019Nintendo
Glass MasqueradeSwitch08.02.2019Nintendo
God Eater 3 PC, PS408.02.2019Amazon
Hell WardersSwitch21.02.2019Nintendo
Iron CrypticleSwitch13.02.2019Nintendo
Jump ForcePC, PS4, XBO15.02.2019Amazon
Left AlivePC, PS426.02.2019Steam
Magic Scroll TacticsSwitch07.02.2019Nintendo
Mein arktischer BauernhofSwitch21.02.2019Nintendo
Mercury RaceSwitch07.02.2019Nintendo
Metro ExodusPC, PS4, XBO15.02.2019Amazon
Monster Energy Supercross - The Official Videogame 2Switch08.02.2019Nintendo
NEKOPARA Vol.2Switch14.02.2019Nintendo
NieR: Automata Game of the YoRHa EditionPC, PS426.02.2019Amazon
Odallus: The Dark CallSwitch08.02.2019Nintendo
Pocket AcademySwitch07.02.2019Nintendo
Pumped BMX ProSwitch07.02.2019Nintendo
Reverie: Sweet As EditionSwitch07.02.2019Nintendo
RIOT - Civil UnrestSwitch07.02.2019Nintendo
Sky Gamblers - AfterburnerSwitch07.02.2019Nintendo
Stellaris: Console EditionPS4, BXO26.02.2019Microsoft
Stunt Kite PartySwitch08.02.2019Nintendo
The Book of Unwritten Tales 2Switch05.02.2019Nintendo
The King's BirdSwitch12.02.2019Nintendo
The Lego Movie 2 VideogamePS4, XBO, Switch26.02.2019Amazon
The Liar Princess and the Blind PrinceSwitch12.02.2019Nintendo
The Path of MotusSwitch05.02.2019Nintendo
The Stillness of the WindSwitch07.02.2019Nintendo
Thea: The AwakeningSwitch01.02.2019Nintendo
Tokyo School LifeSwitch14.02.2019Nintendo
Trials RisingPC, PS4, XBO, Switch 12.02.2019Amazon
WargroovePC, XBO, Switch01.02.2019Steam
X-Morph: DefenseSwitch21.02.2019Nintendo

März 2019

Shred! 2 - Freeride MountainbikingSwitch01.03.2019Nintendo
Dawn of ManPC01.03.2019Steam
Dead or Alive 6PS4, XBO,01.03.2019Amazon
Swords and Soldiers 2PS, Ps401.03.2019Steam
ToeJam & Earl: Back in the Groove Switch, PS4, XBO, PC01.03.2019Steam
Riddled Corpses EXSwitch02.03.2019Nintendo
R.B.I. Baseball 19Switch05.03.2019Nintendo
Total War: Three KingdomsPC07.03.2019Steam
Devil May Cry 5 PS4, XBO, PC08.03.2019Amazon
Kirby und das extra magische Garn
The Caligula Effect: OverdosePS4, PC, Switch12.03.2019Amazon
The Division 2PS4, PC, XBO15.03.2019Amazon
One Piece: World SeekerPS4, XBO, PC15.03.2019Amazon
Super Robot Wars TSwitch, PS420.03.2019
The Sinking CityPC, XBO, PS421.03.2019Steam
Sekiro: Shadows Die Twice PS4, XBO, PC22.03.2019Amazon
Final Fantasy XV: Episode ArdynPC, PS4, XBO26.03.2019
The Princess GuidePS4, Switch29.03.2019Amazon
The Walking Dead: Final Season
PC, PS4, XBO, Switch26.03.2019Steam
Xenon RacerSwitch26.03.2019Nintendo
Tropico 6PC29.03.2019Steam
Yoshi's Crafted WorldSwitch29.03.2019Amazon

April 2019

FAR: Lone SailsPS4, XBO, Switch02.04.2019Steam, PlayStation Store
The 7th Guest: 25 Anniversary EditionPC02.04.2019Steam Store
Darksider: Warmestered
IslandersPC04.04.2019Steam Store
Super Dragon Ball Heroes: World MissionPC,, Steam Store
Vanguard: Normandy 1944PC05.04.2019Steam Store
Zanki Zero: Last Beginning PC, PS409.04.2019Amazon
Dangerous DrivingPC, PS4,
VaporumPS4, XBO, Switch10.04.2019Nintendo
Earth Defense Force: Iron RainPS411.04.2019PlayStation Store
Nintendo Labo
Anno 1800PC16.04.2019Ubisoft Store
Final Fantasy 10|10-2 HDXBO, Switch16.04.2019Nintendo e-Shop
World War ZPC, PS4, XBO16.04.2019Amazon
My Time At PortiaPS4, XBO, Switch16.04.2019Nintendo
TrüberbrookPS4, XBO,
CupheadSwitch18.04.2019Nintendo e-Shop
God's TriggerPC, PS4, XBO18.04.2019Steam Store
Mortal Kombat 11PC, PS4, XBO, Switch23.04.2019Amazon
Dragon's Dogma: Dark ArisenSwitch23.04.2019Nintendo e-Shop
Imperator: RomePC25.04.2019Steam
Days Gone PS426.04.2019Amazon
Boxboy! + Boxgirl!Switch26.04.2019Nintendo
Final Fantasy XII: The Zodiac AgeXBO, Switch30.04.2019Amazon
Fade to SilencePC, PS4, XBO30.04.2019Steam Store, Amazon
UboatPC30.04.2019Steam Store

Mai 2019

Detective Di – The Silk Rose Murders PC01.05.2019Steam
Table Top Racing: World Tour - Nitro EditionSwitch01.05.2019Nintendo eShop
Puzzle HerderSwitch01.05.2019Nintendo eShop
CrashbotsSwitch01.05.2019Nintendo eShop
Close to the SunPS4, XBO, PC02.05.2019Epic Games Store
VA-11 Hall-A: Cyberpunk Bartender ActionSwitch02.05.2019Nintendo eShop
Strike Suit Zero: Director's CutSwitch02.05.2019Nintendo eShop
Venture KidSwitch02.05.2019Nintendo eShop
GIGA WRECKER ALT.Switch02.05.2019Nintendo eShop
Darkest HuntersSwitch02.05.2019Nintendo eShop
The Swords of Ditto: Mormo's CurseSwitch02.05.2019Nintendo eShop
HexaGravitSwitch02.05.2019Nintendo eShop
Duck GameSwitch02.05.2019Nintendo eShop
Steel Division 2PC02.05.2019Steam
Gyro Boss DXSwitch03.05.2019Nintendo eShop
QuadleSwitch03.05.2019Nintendo eShop
Mortal Kombat 11Switch03.05.2019Amazon
Xtreme Club RacingSwitch03.05.2019Nintendo eShop
Shadows of AdamSwitch03.05.2019Nintendo eShop
Black ParadoxSwitch03.05.2019Nintendo eShop
Shakedown HawaiiPS4, 3DS, PC, PSV07.05.2019Steam
Puyo Puyo ChampionsSwitch07.05.2019Nintendo eShop
Yakuza Kiwami 2PC09.05.2019Steam
ASCENDANCESwitch09.05.2019Nintendo eShop
Monster PuzzleSwitch09.05.2019Nintendo eShop
Frane: Dragons' OdysseySwitch09.05.2019Nintendo eShop
Masquerada: Songs and ShadowsSwitch09.05.2019Nintendo eShop
Life is Strange 2 - Episode 3: WastelandsPS4, XBO, PC09.05.2019Steam
VaporumSwitch10.05.2019Nintendo eShop
SAINTS ROW®: THE THIRD™ - THE FULL PACKAGESwitch10.05.2019Nintendo eShop
Dragon PinballSwitch10.05.2019Nintendo eShop
Blazing Beaks
Switch10.05.2019Nintendo eShop
Rage 2PS4, XBO, PC14.05.2019bethesda, Amazon
A Plague Tale: InnocencePS4, XBO, PC14.05.2019Amazon
RedoutSwitch14.05.2019Nintendo eShop
Evil DefendersSwitch14.05.2019Nintendo eShop
39 Days to MarsSwitch16.05.2019Nintendo eShop
Road to GuangdongPC16.05.2019Steam
Assassin's Creed® III RemasteredSwitch21.05.2019Nintendo eShop
Resident EvilSwitch21.05.2019Nintendo eShop
Resident Evil 0Switch21.05.2019Nintendo eShop
Resident Evil 4Switch21.05.2019Nintendo eShop
Sniper Elite V2 RemasteredSwitch21.05.2019Nintendo eShop
ObservationPC, PS421.05.2019Playstation Store
Team Sonic RacingPS4, PC, XBO, Switch21.05.2019Amazon
Pathologic 2PS4, XBO, PC23.05.2019Steam
Project WinterPC23.05.2019Steam
Total War: Three KingdomsPC23.05.2019Steam
For The KingSwitch24.05.2019Nintendo eShop
DollhousePC, PS424.05.2019Amazon
Atelier Lulua – The Scion of ArlandPS4, Switch24.05.2019Amazon
Crystal CrisisSwitch28.05.2019Nintendo eShop
Oxygen Not IncludedPC28.05.2019Steam
Among the Sleep - Enhanced EditionSwitch29.05.2019Nintendo eShop
Assetto Corsa CompetizionePC29.05.2019Steam
Conan UnconqueredPC30.05.2019
Kotodama: The 7 Mysteries of FujisawaSwitch31.05.2019Nintendo eShop
Lapis x LabyrinthSwitch31.05.2019Nintendo eShop
Warhammer – Chaosbane: Magnus EditionPS4, PC31.05.2019Amazon
Cattle and CropsPCMai 2019

Juni 2019

Red Siren: Space DefenseSwitch04.06.2019Nintendo
Tiny DerbySwitch04.06.2019Nintendo
Persona Q2: New Cinema Labyrinth3DS04.06.2019Nintendo
The Elder Scrolls Online – ElsweyrPS4, PC, XBO04.06.2019Amazon
Battletech – Urban WarfarePC04.06.2019Steam
Trover saves the UniversePC04.06.2019Steam
A.o.T. 2PS4, XBO, Switch05.06.2019Amazon
Word Wheel by POWGISwitch06.06.2019Nintendo
The Sushi SpinnerySwitch06.06.2019Nintendo
Word Wheel by POWGISwitch06.06.2019Nintendo
Hell Let LoosePC06.06.2019Steam
Dyna BombSwitch06.06.2019Nintendo
Warhammer – Chaosbane PS4, PC, XBO07.06.2019Amazon
Warlocks 2: God SlayersSwitch07.06.2019Nintendo
Battle Worlds: KronosSwitch11.06.2019Nintendo
Leisure Suit Larry - Wet Dreams Don't DrySwitch13.06.2019Nintendo
WORLDEND SYNDROMESwitch14.06.2019Nintendo
Steel Division 2PC20.06.2019Steam
Slender: The ArrivalSwitch20.06.2019Nintendo
Crash Team Racing Nitro-FueledPS4, XBO, Switch21.06.2019Amazon
Monster Jam – Steel TitansPC25.06.2019Steam
Samurai ShodownPS4, XBO25.06.2019Amazon
F1 2019PS4, PC, XBO25.06.2019Amazon
We. The RevolutionSwitch25.06.2019Nintendo
Bloodstained: Ritual of the NightSwitch25.06.2019Nintendo
The Sinking CityPS4, XBO, PC27.06.2019Amazon
Super Mario Maker 2Switch28.06.2019Nintendo
Super Neptunia RPGSwitch28.06.2019Nintendo
Spell Casting: Purrfectly Portable EditionSwitch28.06.2019Nintendo
Fort BoyardSwitchNintendo

Juli 2019

Final Fantasy 14: Shadowbringers (Add-On)PS4, PC, Mac02.07.2019Square Enix Store
Stranger Things 3: The GamePS4, XBO, PC, Switch04.07.2019Nintendo
Sea of SolitudePS405.07.2019PlayStation Store
Sairento VRPS405.07.2019PlayStation Store
Dollhouse - Deluxe EditionPS405.07.2019PlayStation Store
SENRAN KAGURA Peach BallSwitch09.07.2019Nintendo e-Shop
SolSeraphPS4, XBO, Switch10.07.2019Nintendo e-Shop
Grass Cutter - Mutated LawnsSwitch10.07.2019Nintendo e-Shop
Professor Lupo and his Horrible PetsSwitch11.07.2019Nintendo e-Shop
Dead in Vinland - True Viking editionSwitch11.07.2019Nintendo e-Shop
Doodle God: Crime CitySwitch11.07.2019Nintendo e-Shop
Skulls of the Shogun: Bone-A-Fide EditionSwitch11.07.2019Nintendo e-Shop
WayoutSwitch11.07.2019Nintendo e-Shop
Nelly Cootalot: The Fowl FleetSwitch11.07.2019Nintendo e-Shop
Metaloid: OriginSwitch11.07.2019Nintendo e-Shop
Blazing ChromeSwitch11.07.2019Nintendo e-Shop
Mad BulletsSwitch12.07.2019Nintendo e-Shop
Dragon Quest Builders 2PC, Switch, PS412.07.2019Amazon
GOD EATER 3Switch12.07.2019Nintendo e-Shop
Super Mutant Alien AssaultSwitch12.07.2019Nintendo e-Shop
LOST ORBIT: Terminal VelocitySwitch16.07.2019Nintendo e-Shop
DistrustSwitch16.07.2019Nintendo e-Shop
Let's Go NutsSwitch17.07.2019Nintendo e-Shop
EtherbornSwitch18.07.2019Nintendo e-Shop
Hyperlight UltimateSwitch18.07.2019Nintendo e-Shop
Lost EmberPS4, XBO, PC, Switch19.07.2019Steam
Astro BearsSwitch19.07.2019Nintendo e-Shop
Redeemer: Enhanced EditionSwitch19.07.2019Nintendo e-Shop
MARVEL ULTIMATE ALLIANCE 3: The Black OrderSwitch19.07.2019Nintendo e-Shop
Beyond: Two SoulsPC22.07.2019
Another SightSwitch23.07.2019Nintendo e-Shop
BATTLESHIPSwitch24.07.2019Nintendo e-Shop
PawarumiSwitch24.07.2019Nintendo e-Shop
Fantasy StrikeSwitch25.07.2019Nintendo e-Shop
Raiden V: Director's CutSwitch25.07.2019Nintendo e-Shop
Fire Emblem: Three HousesSwitch26.07.2019Nintendo
Kill la Kill: If PS4, Switch, PC26.07.2019Amazon
Wolfenstein: YoungbloodPS4, XBO, PC, Switch26.07.2019Amazon

August 2019

StandbyPC, Switch01.08.2019Steam
HamsterdamPC, Switch01.08.2019Steam
Lightstep ChroniclesPC01.08.2019Steam
Chroma SquadPC, Switch, XBO, PS401.08.2019Amazon
Madden NFL 20PC, XBO, PS402.08.2019Amazon
The Churge in the DarknessPC, Switch, XBO, PS402.08.2019Steam
Wreckin Ball AadventurePC, Switch, XBO, PS402.08.2019Steam
DC Universe OnlinePC, Switch, XBO, PS406.08.2019Steam
Age of Wonders: PlanetfallPC06.08.2019Amazon
Metal Wolf Chaos XDPC, XBO, PS406.08.2019Steam
Silver ChainsPC, XBO, PS4, Switch06.08.2019Steam
Legends of AriaPC06.08.2019Steam
Gibbous - A Chtulhu AdventurePC07.08.2019Steam
The Forbidden ArtsPC, Switch, XBO07.08.2019Steam
Must Dash AmigosPC, Switch, PS408.08.2019Steam
NecrobaristaPC, Switch, PS408.08.2019Steam
The Lord of the Rings: The Living Card GamePC, Switch, XBO, PS408.08.2019
Room 208PC08.08.2019Steam
Subvision Infinity DXPC, Switch, XBO, PS408.08.2019Steam
The Alliance alive HD RemasterdPC, Switch, PS410.08.2019Amazon
Freitag der 13: Das SpielPC, Switch, XBO, PS413.08.2019Amazon
Ancestors LegacyPC, XBO, PS413.08.2019Steam
Never give upPC, Switch13.08.2019Steam
Vicious CirclePC13.08.2019Steam
Fell Seal: Arbiters MarkPC, Switch, XBO, PS414.08.2019Steam
Ion FuryPC, Switch, XBO, PS415.08.2019Steam
Tactics V: Obsidian BrigadePC, Switch15.08.2019Steam
Exploding BabiesPC15.08.2019Steam
Hot shot burnPC15.08.2019Steam
Xeno Time InceptionPC17.08.2019Steam
Remnant: From the AshesPC, XBO, PS420.08.2019Steam
Yu-Gi-Oh! Legacy of the Duelist: Link EvolutionSwitch20.08.2019Nintendo
RadPC, Switch, XBO, PS420.08.2019Steam
OninakiPC, Switch, PS422.08.2019Steam
WreckfestPC, XBO, PS427.08.2019Amazon
Hunt: ShowdownPC, XBO, PS427.08.2019Amazon
Ancestors: The Humankind OdysseyPC, XBO, PS427.08.2019Steam
World of Warcraft ClassicPC27.08.2019
ControlPC, XBO, PS427.08.2019Steam
Wanderlust Travel StoriesPC28.08.2019Steam
Greedy DungeonsPC29.08.2019Steam
Bubsy: Paws on Fire!PC, PS4, Switch29.08.2019Steam
The dark Pictures: Man of MedanPC, PS4, XBO30.08.2019Amazon
Rebel Galaxy OutlawPC, PS4, Switch30.08.2019Epic Store
Astral ChainSwitch30.08.2019Amazon
Blair WitchPC, XBO30.08.2019Steam
PinePC, Switch31.08.2019Steam

September 2019

Project Zero DeathsPC01.09.2019
Final Fantasy VIII RemasteredPS4, Switch, XBO, PC03.09.2019PS Store
Nintendo e-Shop
MS Store
Torchlight IIPC, PS4, XBO, Switch03.09.2019
Phoenix PointPC, XBO03.09.2019
Last OasisPC03.09.2019
WarsawPC, PS4, Switch04.09.2019
River City GirlsPC, PS4, XBO, Switch05.09.2019
Kings of Lorn: The Fall of EbrisPC, PS4, XBO09.09.2019
Mechwarrior 5: mercenariesPC10.09.2019
GreedfallPC, PS4, XBO10.09.2019
Gears 5PC, XBO10.09.2019
The walking Dead: The Telltale Definitive SeriesPC, PS4, XBO10.09.2019
PES 2020PC, PS4, XBO10.09.2019
Utawarerumono: ZANPS413.09.2019PS Store
Borderlands 3PC, PS4, XBO13.09.2019
Deamon X MachinaSwitch13.09.2019
The End of an Age: Fading RemnantsPC16.09.2019
AI: The Somnium FilesPC, PS4, Switch17.09.2019
AI: The Sumnium Files - Special Agent EditionPS4, Switch17.09.2019
Police StoriesPC, PS4, XBO, Switch19.09.2019
NamekoPC, PS419.09.2019
Truck DriverPC, PS4, XBO19.09.2019
Ni No Kuni: Wrath of the White WitchSwitch20.09.2019
The Legend of Zelda: Link`s AwakeningSwitch20.09.2019
Ni No Kuni: Wrath of the White Witch RemasteredPC, PS420.09.2019
Ni No Kuni: Wrath of the White Witch for Nintendo SwitchSwitch20.09.2019
The Surge 2PC, PS4, XBO24.09.2019
Contra: Rouge CorpsPC, PS4, XBO, Switch24.09.2019
Blacksad: Under the SkinPC, PS4, XBO, Switch26.09.2019
Big Drunk Satanic MassacrePC26.09.2019
Baldur`s Gate: Enhanced EditionPC, PS4, XBO, Switch27.09.2019
Baldur`s Gate II: Enhanced EditionPC, PS4, XBO, Switch27.09.2019
JalopyPC, XBO27.09.2019
Planescape: Torment - Enhanced EditionPC, PS4, XBO, Switch27.09.2019
Code VeinPC, PS4, XBO27.09.2019
Icewind Dale: Enhanced EditionPC, PS4, XBO, Switch27.09.2019
Dragon Quest XI: Echoes of an Elusice Age - Definitive EditionSwitch27.09.2019
FIFA 20PC, PS4, XBO27.09.2019
WRC 8PC, PS4, XBO, Switch10.09.2019

Oktober 2019

Sniper Elite 3: Ultimate EditionPS4, XBO, Switch01.10.2019Amazon
Blade of ArenaPC01.10.2019Steam
Destiny 2: ShadowkeepPC, XBO01.10.2019Bungie
YO-NO: A Girl who Chants Love at the Bound of this WorldPC, PS4, Switch02.10.2019Steam
WarsawPC, PS4, XBO, Switch02.10.2019Steam
The Long ReturnPC02.10.2019Steam
Ghostbusters: The Video Game RemasterPC, PS4, XBO. Switch04.10.2019Amazon
Tom Clancy`s Ghost Recon: BreakpointPC, PS4, XBO04.10.2019Amazon
Aca Neogeo Zupapa!PS4, XBO, Switch04.10.2019Nintendo
CrossniqPC, Switch04.10.2019Steam
John Wick HexPC08.10.2019Epicstore
Trine 4PC, PS4, XBO, Switch08.10.2019Steam
Call of CthulhuPC, PS4, XBO, Switch08.10.2019Amazon
IndivisiblePC, PS4, XBO, Switch08.10.2019Amazon
AtlasPC, XBO08.10.2019Steam
Yooka-Laylee and the Impossible LairPC, PS4, XBO, Switch08.10.2019Amazon
Concrete GeniePS409.10.2019Amazon
Last OasisPC10.10.2019Steam
River City Melee Mach!!!PC, PS4, Switch10.10.2019Steam
MistoverPC, PS4, Switch10.10.2019Steam
GridPC, PS4, XBO11.10.2019Amazon
Earthfall: Alien HordeNintendo Switch11.10.2019Steam
FrostpunkPC, PS4, XBO11.10.2019Amazon
Citadel: Forged with FirePC, PS4, XBO11.10.2019Steam
Killer Queen BlackPC, XBO, Switch11.10.2019Nintendo
Baldur`s Gate: Enhanced EditionPC, PS4, XBO, Switch15.10.2019Steam
Baldur`s Gate II: Enhanced EditionPC, PS4, XBO, Switch15.10.2019Steam
OutbuddiesPC, PS4, XBO, Switch15.10.2019Steam
Children of MortaPC, PS4, XBO, Switch15.10.2019Steam
The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt - Complete EditionSwitch15.10.2019Nintendo
Zombieland: Duble Tap - Road TripPC, PS4, XBO, Switch15.10.2019Gamesonly
Sims 4: reich der MagiePC, PS4, XBO15.10.2019Origin
Little Town HeroSwitch16.10.2019Nintendo
Immortal Darkness: Curse of the Pale kingPC17.10.2019Steam
Felix the ReaperPC, PS4, XBO, Switch17.10.2019Steam
KinePC, PS4, XBO, Switch17.10.2019Epic Store
StelaPC, XBO17.10.2019Steam
Digimon Story Cyber Sleuth: Complete EditionPC, Switch18.10.2019Amazon
Plants vs. Zombies: Battle for NeighborvillePS4, XBO18.10.2019EA
Pig Eat BallPC, PS4, XBO, Switch18.10.2019Steam
Ice Age: Scrat`s Nussiges AbenteuerPC, PS4, XBO, Switch18.10.2019Amazon
Ring fit AdventureSwitch18.10.2019Amazon
A Hat in TimePC, PS4, XBO19.10.2019Amazon
WWE 2k20PC, PS4, XBO22.10.2019Amazon
Spin Rhythm XDPC22.10.2019Steam
Street Outlaws: The ListSwitch22.10.2019Amazon
The Outer WorldsPC, PS4, XBO, Switch25.10.2019Amazon
Dusk DriverPC, PS4, Switch25.10.2019Steam
COD: Modern WarfarePC, PS4, XBO25.10.2019Amazon
Disney Classic Games: Aladdin und der König der LöwenPC, PS4, XBO, Switch25.10.2019MediaMarkt
Disgaea 4 CompletePS4, Switch29.10.2019Amazon
VampyrPC, PS4, XBO, Switch29.10.2019Amazon
Close to the SunPC, PS4, XBO, Switch29.10.2019Steam
AfterpartyPC, XBO29.10.2019Steam
Atelier Ryza: Ever Darkness & the Secret HideoutPC, PS4, Switch29.10.2019Amazon
Resident Evil Triple PackPS4, XBO, Switch29.10.2019Amazon
Super Monkey Ball: Banana Blitz HDPC, PS4, XBO, Switch29.10.2019Amazon
Luigi`s Mansion 3Switch31.10.2019Amazon
PinePC, Switch31.10.2019Steam
OverpassPC, PS4, XBO, Switch15.10.2019Steam

November 2019

Citadel: Forged with FirePC, PS4, XBO01.11.2019Steam
Deoruim OnlinePC01.11.2019Deorumonline
A ZonePC01.11.2019Steam
Sticky PawsPC01.11.2019Steam
Race with RyanSwitch, PC01.11.2019Steam
Silicon CityPC01.11.2019Steam
The last PromisePC01.11.2019Steam
Basic car repair garage VRPC01.11.2019Steam
Beataim: Rhytm ShooterPC01.11.2019Steam
Rift RacoonPC01.11.2019Steam
Spooky Night 2PC02.11.2019Steam
A World with no ColourPC02.11.2019Steam
Empty SharpPC02.11.2019Steam
Dawn of the Dragons: AscensionPC04.11.2019Steam
Thefisher OnlinePC04.11.2019Steam
Pax RutheniaPC04.11.2019Steam
Mars Power Industries DeluxePC04.11.2019Steam
Return of the Zombie KingPC04.11.2019Steam
Griddlers Legend of the PiratesPC04.11.2019Steam
Red Dead Redemption 2PC05.11.2019Rockstar
Invasion 2037PC05.11.2019Steam
Super urban WizardPC05.11.2019Steam
Mario & Sonic at the Tokyo 2020 OlympicSwitch05.11.2019Steam
Alfonzo`s Arctic AdventurePC05.11.2019Steam
Barro 2020PC05.11.2019Steam
Galactic Rangers VRPC05.11.2019Steam
Knight EternalPC05.11.2019Steam
Garfield Kart: Furious RacingPC05.11.2019Steam
GRIP: Combat Racing Rollers vs AirBlades Ultimate EditionPC, PS4, XBO, Switch05.11.2019Amazon
Close to the SunPC, PS4, XBO, Switch05.11.2019Steam
Gates of HellPC05.11.2019Steam
Planet ZooPC05.11.2019Steam
Shadow of the Tomb Raider: Definitive EditionPC, PS4, XBO05.11.2019Amazon
Just Dance 2020PC, PS4, XBO, Switch05.11.2019Amazon
Blacksad: Under the SkinPC05.11.2019Steam
A Year of RainPC06.11.2019Steam
Fußball Manager 2020PC07.11.2019Steam
Drift 19PC, PS4, XBO07.11.2019Steam
Farmers DynastyPC, PS4, XBO, Switch07.11.2019Steam
Need For Speed HeatPC, PS4, XBO08.11.2019Amazon
Layton's Mystery JourneySwitch08.11.2019Nintendo
Disney Tsum Tsum FestivalSwitch08.11.2019Amazon
Deep Ocean RushPC08.11.2019Steam
New Super Lucky's TaleSwitch08.11.2019Nintendo
Death StrandingPS408.11.2019Amazon
Truck DriverPC, PS4, XBO11.11.2019Amazon
Devil Slayer - RaksasiPC11.11.2019Steam
Romancing Saga 3PC, PS4, XBO, Switch11.11.2019Steam
The Legend of Bum-BoPC12.11.2019Steam
Doctor Who: The Edge of TimePC12.11.2019Steam
Village MonstersPC12.11.2019Steam
Rune 2PC12.11.2019Steam
My Friend PedroSwitch12.11.2019Nintendo
XIII RemakePC, PS4, XBO, Switch13.11.2019Steam
WRC 8PC, PS4, XBO, Switch14.11.2019Steam
Bienen SimulatorPC, PS4, XBO, Switch14.11.2019Steam
SparklitePC, PS4, XBO, Switch14.11.2019Steam
The TourystSwitch14.11.2019Steam
Kingdom under Fire 2PC14.11.2019Kingdom
Age of Empires 2: Definitive EditionPC14.11.2019Steam
Mimpi DreamsPC, Switch15.11.2019Nintendo
ValfarisPC, PS4, XBO, Switch15.11.2019Steam
Terminator: ResistancePC15.11.2019Steam
Pokémon Schwert und SchildSwitch15.11.2019Nintendo
Star Wars Jedi: Fallen OrderPC, PS4, XBO15.11.2019Saturn
Jumanji: The Video GamePC, PS4, XBO, Switch15.11.2019Steam
Munchkin: Quacked QuestSwitch, PC19.11.2019Steam
Shenmue IIIPC, PS419.11.2019Steam
Asterix und Obelix XXL 3: The Cristal MenhirPC21.11.2019Steam
Day of DragonsPC21.11.2019Steam
Civilization VIPS422.11.2019Amazon
Doom 64Switch22.11.2019Nintendo
Sniper Ghost Warrior ContactsPC, PS4, XBO22.11.2019Steam
Zumba: Burn it up!Switch22.11.2019Nintendo
SD Gundam G Generation Gross RaysPC, PS4, Switch27.11.2019Steam
Fighting EX LayerPC, PS430.11.2019Steam

Dezember 2019

Ancestors: The Humankind OdysseyRPG, AdventurePC, PS4, XBO01.12.2019Steam
Clash: Mutants VS PiratesShooter, IndiePC01.12.2019Steam
One finger death Punch 2Shooter, Indie, ArcadePC, XBO, Switch02.12.2019Steam
Lost Empire 2977RPG, StrategiePC02.12.2019Steam
Tactics: Age of AfflictionRPGPC02.12.2019Steam
Swinger-ManRacing, IndiePC02.12.2019Steam
Neverwinter Nights: Enhanced EditionRPG, AdventurePC, PS4, XBO, Switch03.12.2019Steam
Trover Saves The UniverseAdventurePC, PS4, XBO, Switch03.12.2019Amazon
HerolandRPGPC, PS4, Switch03.12.2019" id="steam">Steam
SpaceriftRPG, SimulatorPC03.12.2019Steam
Landwirtschafts-Simulator 2020SimulatorSwitch03.12.2019Nintendo
SkellboyAdventure, IndieSwitch03.12.2019Nintendo
Arise: A Simple StoryAdventurePC, PS4, XBO03.12.2019Epicstore
The Rainbow WorldRPGPC04.12.2019Steam
MosaicAdventurePC, PS4, XBO, Switch05.12.2019Steam
Star Ocean: First Departure RRPGPS4, Switch05.12.2019PlayStore
Darksiders GenisisRPGPC, PS4, XBO, Switch05.12.2019Amazon
WandersongMusic, IndiePC, PS4, XBO, Switch06.12.2019Steam
Assassin`s Creed: The Rebel CollectionAdventure, RPGSwitch06.12.2019Nintendo
Immortal PlanetRPGPC, PS4, XBO, Switch06.12.2019Steam
Drug Dealer SimulatorIndie, SimulatorPC06.12.2019Steam
Dragon Quest Builders 2AdventurePC, PS4, Switch10.12.2019Amazon
Blacksad: Under the SkinAdventurePC, PS4, XBO, Switch10.12.2019Steam
Ocean of BattlesShooterPC11.12.2019Steam
Catacombs of KasRPG, AdventurePC13.12.2019
Lumberjack SimulatorSimulatorPC13.12.2019Steam
Dead End JobIndiePC, PS4, XBO, Switch13.12.2019Steam
Hunters SoulRPGPC14.12.2019
Neon District: Season OneAdventurePC16.12.2019Steam
Billion BeatIndiePC16.12.2019Steam
Pillars of Eternity II: DeadfireRPG, AdventurePC, Switch18.12.2019Amazon
Red EclipseShooterPC19.12.2019Steam
Mana SparkRPG, IndiePC, Switch22.12.2019Steam
Mana SparkRPGPC, Switch22.12.2019
Catan UniverseStrategiePC31.12.2019Catanuniverse
Reality IncognitaAdventurePC31.12.2019Steam